What Will the Antonio’s Blog Do? SNEAK PEAK Inside (NOT Clickbait)

Antonio Arredondo
3 min readNov 21, 2020

Well, I guess this is it. After a few months of holding this up, the official class blog comes to an end. This is the last one that I’ll be writing for my class. It’s been fun, scrambling to come up with a new idea every week, trying to figure out what to write and how to make it 500 words. And it’s over. Or it’s supposed to be, anyways.

I think that I’ll keep the blog. Maybe I won’t write it every week. I doubt I’ll write it every week. But I want to keep writing. I really have a passion for writing my dumb, inconsequential stories, and I will always have fun making my reader smiling (hopefully). Most of all, I just want to continue.

I don’t know if you can remember my first blog post about how I used to have a blog back in the day. Spoiler alert: I no longer use it because people stopped looking at it and I felt like I was writing for nobody. So if you decide to still read my blogs, whether you’re my teacher or classmate or relative, I do not expect you to keep reading. Would it be cool to get a comment or a clap? Yeah. But I’ll be writing this for me.

What’s in store for the blog then? Probably some more stories about sports, the occasional personal anecdote, and a lot of sarcastic writing. If you want more updates on the TikTok, I can post them here too, but you could always just follow me too (We’re almost up to 200k!). In the meantime, I’ll leave you all with a short preview to show you the type of writing I have planned, as well as to reach my 500 word limit.

Enjoy :)

The Wonderful World of Being Obsessed With Sports

Every Saturday I get up at 9 am. No questions asked. It doesn’t matter if I’m sick or if I went to bed at 3 A.M. Earlier that day, I always wake up at 9, no questions asked. Why? Because college football is there for me. I’ll watch the Michigan-Michigan State game, the Oklahoma-Kansas match. This Saturday, it’s Ohio State-Indiana. I don’t care about these teams at all. And yet, I have this need to watch the games.

I haven’t missed a Blazer game in 3 years. If I’m at work, I record it. If it’s not on TV, I “legally” stream the game and try to ignore all of the annoying porn pop up ads and focus on what crazy shenanigans Damian has planned for his next shot. And I love every minute of it.

I don’t know why sports captivate me like they do. They draw me in, serenade me like a Siren, and I float hopelessly towards the drama, the enjoyment, the pain, and the pride…

Well, you see what I’m going for now. The rest of that article will be up next Friday. I’d love for you all to read it. If you don’t, I’ll only cry about it for a couple of hours, no big deal.

Thanks for reading Antonio’s blog. I’m so grateful for the positive comments that made me enjoy writing every week. I’ll see you all again sometime.

Balloon Guy Out.