• Sheila Daniels

    Sheila Daniels

  • Belen Yager

    Belen Yager

    Just chillin, per usual

  • Labrahamson


  • Genevieve Wolf

    Genevieve Wolf

    Writing a blog for a class…it’s going to be an adventure! Follow me on Twitter @ggracewolf or send me a note: gwolf18@georgefox.edu.

  • Burning Words

    Burning Words

    By: Emma Gomes…all I got to say is I’m excited. Let’s do this!

  • Jaime Miller

    Jaime Miller

    enneagram 8w7 / always picking fights or picking flowers

  • Sabino


  • Melanie Mock

    Melanie Mock

    English professor, writer, feminist, Mennonite, mother of several, runner of marathons, doer of triathlons, lover of reality television.

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